Leadership lessons from Bhagwad Gita

Exemplary Conduct

SRI M outlines the attributes of an ‘adhinayak’, a powerful leader, as someone who is tranquil, level-headed, and leads from the front

Leadership has special relevance in today’s world, given the varied areas of interest and the global connect. The Bhagwad Gita reveals many facets of leadership, relevant even today. As a scripture for humankind, its message is eternal. The fact that it was presented in the midst of a battlefield, beginning with Arjuna’s dissatisfaction, despondence or indecisiveness, shows that it’s for daily life rather than for people sitting isolated, in a cave.

The Gita starts with Arjuna putting his bow down and saying, ‘I am not going to fight this battle’. We all face battles in daily life — individually and collectively — this battle of not knowing what to do. We stand on a threshold and don’t know how to move forward. It’s something we fight every day. Leadership is an important part of our ancient wisdom and this wisdom is relevant in today’s world.

In the Gita, Krishna is mentoring Arjuna to become a perfect leader. He says, ‘Proceed in the path of unselfish karma, action for the sake of others and not for yourself.’ In my view, this is a very important aspect of leadership. The leader is not there for himself — the leader is there for the public, for others.

While the Gita does not get into the exact definition of a leader, it does address the question of what the attributes of a great yogi are. Krishna describes the greatest of yogis in ‘Chapter 12’, while talking about Bhakti Yoga. He explains that a yogi is one who is in the service of others and in the process, is improving his inner Self. So, the description applies not just to a ‘yogi’, but to all. Arjuna asks, ‘Who, according to you, is the greatest of leaders, the greatest of yogis? Can you give me a definition?’ Krishna answers, ‘One, a leader should be samyamyendriya gramam — he should be in control of his emotions, in control of his senses.’ A leader, according to the Gita, is someone who has his emotions under control. He uses them for the good of others and keeps them in abeyance when he has to be silent. But in today’s world, a leader is one who is either ‘selected’ or ‘elected.’

The second attribute desired in a leader is sarvatra sama buddhaya — ‘being level-headed, and tranquil, in all circumstances’. A leader’s job is to do the right thing and not get depressed by negative comments nor too elated by flattery. Even in daily life, if we need to work efficiently, we need to keep our minds tranquil in the midst of all circumstances.

The third attribute of a good leader is Sarva bhute hite ratha — meaning, one who has the concern of all living beings in his heart, one who is concerned about all who suffer and all who are in trouble. Swami Vivekananda gave a clear-cut and wonderful interpretation of the Gita’s Karma Yoga.

He said, ‘Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha’, meaning, moksha for the atman is alright, but hith, for the goodness of others, of service to the Lord and service to humankind, is important. So, it’s not only moksha for oneself, but also welfare of the world. True leadership would reflect all of this — and it is something we need today.

To quote from the Upanishads, Uttisthata jagrata prapya varannibodhat meaning ‘wake up and move, we have much to achieve in front (ahead).’ Leadership is about leading from the front, and blazing a trail for others to follow, tough as it may be.

– Sri M

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Pay check: How much do these world leaders earn?

World Leader

Have you ever wondered how much money the top leaders of some of the world’s leading nations earn annually? Here’s a list of the most recent official data (as of September, 2016) of the yearly earnings of these world leaders.

* All figures in US dollars.

World Leader
Xi Jinping, President, People’s Republic of China
Salary: $20,600


World Leader
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India
Salary: $28,800


World Leader
Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister, Italy
Salary: $120,000


World Leader
Vladimir Putin, President, Russia
Salary: $137,650


World Leader
Theresa May, Prime Minister, UK
Salary: $186,119


World Leader
François Hollande, President, France
Salary: $198,700


World Leader
Jacob Zuma, President, South Africa
Salary: $206,600


World Leader
Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister, Japan
Salary: $241,250


World Leader
Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany
Salary: $242,000


World Leader
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, Canada
Salary: $260,000


World Leader
Barack Obama, President, USA
Salary: $400,000

– All figures according to official data compiled by CNN

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Who Would You Hire As CEO ?

For few minutes imagine yourself as HR manager of a large corporate who needs you to appoint its CEO.

Company which is going through a rough patch due to past bad management looks upto you as HR manager to make a right choice. Incoming CEO will be hired on contract for 5 years & will have absolute charge. In case of bad selection, you as HR won’t be able to replace the CEO during the contract period of 5 years.

Below are the profile of probable candidates.

Candidate A : Is currently Head of one of its division. Has proven track record of progress, customer satisfaction, employee growth & leadership for the past 13 years. Has humble background & not related to anyone, joined as an office boy & worked his way up through hard-work & employee support. Thoroughly understands the working of company & is very popular amongst employees. Has clear ideas about how to run the company & follows it firmly which at times upsets select few people.

Candidate B : Immature, has no experience. Doesn’t take up any position, its either CEO or nothing and has been a CEO in waiting since long. This attitude comes from the fact that almost always someone from his family has been the CEO, including the outgoing CEO who run the company for the past 10 years with plenty of irregularities, mis-management & poor performance. Born with the silver spoon, with uber rich lifestyle, has little to no connect with ground realities. With childish foibles, usually take refuge/support from females within his family.

Candidate C : Another fresher, claimed to be extremely efficient, was hired as Head of one Unit but couldn’t cope up & resigned. During short stint as Unit Head, tried to appease the employees with generous perks. Despite non-performing at reasonably senior position, now wants to be CEO.

None Of The Above(NOTA) : In the event of you not able to decide on any of these three candidates, there will be internal leg pulling & eventually someone would self appoint himself as CEO which in most probability would be Candidate B or someone other then the above 3.

Despite being an ordinary employee, this corporate empowers you to be an HR Manager to choose your CEO for next 5 years.

Appoint the right CEO & let this corporate giant regain its top position once again.

– by Premal Hathiwala

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